Welcome to the teachers section of our website.

This website is designed to encourage children of all ages to look after their teeth. Research has shown that if children look after their teeth from an early age the likelihood is they will continue to do so for the rest of their lives, thus preventing dental disease not only for themselves, but for any future children they may have.

In the children’s section there are numerous games and activities for them to take part in as well as competitions where they can win prizes.

To reinforce the importance of good oral health we have included this section for teachers where you can access educational materials relevant to dental health issues which can be downloaded and used as an introduction to a health project or as follow-up work to evaluate the children’s knowledge during PSHE or Citizenship lessons.

The following points highlight how this website can assist your school by enhancing your current health promotional activities ensuring it’s pupils achieve their full potential.

  • It will help towards the “Healthy Schools Award” and may assist schools in obtaining a higher level of award to one that they currently hold (Bronze, silver and gold) if used in the delivery of classroom based activities and linked to the national curriculum.
  • It meets many of the health objectives set out in the document “Every child matters” which schools have to adhere to.
  • Ofsted acknowledge schools who are involved in health promotion activities, especially if they are participating in the Teeth Team Programme.
  • It allows all children access to dental health promotional materials, thus helping to reduce inequalities in oral health.

Teachers Resource Pack

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this teachers section is to provide you with information which will help to stimulate greater interest in dental health and nutrition and to suggest ways in which children can improve their knowledge. Download →

Dental Decay

Explains the process of tooth decay and help children understand the factors that increase the process of dental decay.
Download →


Helps children understand how fluoride helps to protect teeth from decay, Understand the benefits of dry brushing and know the correct amount of toothpaste to use when toothbrushing. Download →

Making The Right Food Choices

Identifies which foods contain high amounts of sugar, Helps children make healthy choices in relation to how different foods affect their teeth and identifies key times during the day when their teeth are at risk from plaque acid. Download →

Plaque & Gum Disease

Recognise the main areas where plaque can accumulate in the mouth and helps children understand the importance of toothbrushing in relation to preventing gum disease. Download →

Sugar Content

Helps children in making the right choices for healthy teeth, and how much sugar is in the foods you eat.
Download →

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